STOPit Solutions enhances school safety in New Mexico

Students in classroom - school safety

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STOPit Solutions, a provider of anonymous reporting and safety solutions, has announced its partnership with the New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority (NMPSIA) to strengthen anonymous reporting capabilities and promote safer learning environments across New Mexico schools.

According to the company, the collaboration between STOPit Solutions and NMPSIA aims to empower students, staff and community members to report concerns, incidents and potential threats anonymously and securely.

Through the STOPit Anonymous Reporting App, individuals can easily and discreetly submit tips, providing valuable information that can help prevent incidents and maintain a safe school climate.

Through this collaboration, NMPSIA member schools will have access to STOPit’s suite of school safety solutions, including anonymous reporting, incident management and real-time communication features.

The company says that these tools will enable schools to proactively address safety concerns and foster a culture of accountability and trust.

School safety

The company highlights that anonymous reporting plays a vital role in identifying potential risks and ensuring timely interventions.

By fostering an environment of trust and confidentiality, students and staff are encouraged to come forward and share their concerns, leading to early intervention and prevention of harmful situations.

STOPit’s reporting platform enables anonymous reporting of various issues, including bullying, harassment, safety threats and more.

The platform allows school administrators to efficiently manage and investigate school safety reports, ensuring appropriate actions are taken to address each situation.

Safe learning environments

“We are excited to partner with STOPit Solutions to enhance our member school safety initiatives,” said Patrick Sandoval, Executive Director at NMPSIA. 

“The STOPit platform aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing comprehensive risk management resources to our schools.

“By implementing anonymous reporting capabilities, we are empowering our students, staff and community members to be active participants in maintaining a safe learning environment.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with NMPSIA to support the implementation of anonymous reporting solutions in New Mexico schools,” said Parkhill Mays, CEO at STOPit Solutions

“By enabling anonymous reporting, we can help create a safer and more secure learning environment for students and educators.

“Our partnership with NMPSIA reflects our shared commitment to prioritizing the safety and well-being of the New Mexico school community.”

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