Tachi Palace Casino expands use of Xtract One’s SafeGateway

Xtract One at Tachi Casino

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Xtract One Technologies has announced that Tachi Palace Casino Resorts, located in Lemoore, California has increased its use of the company’s SafeGateway weapons detection technology, to accommodate the venue’s growth.

Tachi, owned by the Tachi-Yokut Native American tribe, first purchased Xtract One gateway technology in July 2021. The new resort expansion spans more than 300,000 square feet, encompassing a casino, hotel and resort, entertainment center, gas station and more. Tachi will now expand its use of SafeGateway to all entrances of the newly built complex.

Tachi says that the solution has significantly increased the safety and customer experience at the venue, with the SafeGateway detecting an average of more than seven guns and 450 knives per month. Furthermore, patrons arriving at the resort can walk straight in, without delays.

“We continue to be pleased with the ongoing partnership with Xtract One and the demonstrated ability to keep our patrons safe,” said Walter Gunn, Director of Safety and Security for Tachi.

According to Xtract One, SafeGateway detects guns, knives and other weapons on people walking into venues, without the need to stop and remove personal items.

“Xtract One is always focused on creating true partnerships with its customers, which is why Tachi represents another ‘win’ for us,” said Xtract One CEO Peter Evans. “We’re not in the game just to close the sale, we are in it for the long term – which is why the Tachi expansion is validation of our strategy.”

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