Teledyne FLIR introduces new online support tools for cameras

Teledyne FLIR thermal cameras

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Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, has launched a comprehensive online developer support series for the new Boson+ thermal camera and Hadron 640R dual camera module.

The company reveals that the program includes integration support videos and additional online content, offering tips and documentation to help reduce risk while simplifying thermal product development in defense, industrial and emerging use cases.

“Teledyne FLIR provides data packages like comprehensive user guides, drawings and app notes as well as GUIs, SDKs and development kits to support the integration of our thermal camera modules in drones, handhelds, security products and more,” said Dan Walker, Vice President, Product Management, Teledyne FLIR.

“The integration support series is a key differentiator for Teledyne FLIR where we provide online support to enable our customers to start developing with our hardware, software and tools immediately.”

Teledyne FLIR highlights that the new video and download series includes guidance on setting up radiometry, tuning, lens calibration and software and MIPI integration for Boson+. Step-by-step instructions get integrators started interfacing the Hadron 640R with Qualcomm and NVIDIA embedded systems. The company says that additional content will be added as available to continue to support integrators get to market faster.

Camera integration

With a thermal sensitivity of 20 millikelvins (mK), Teledyne FLIR says that the Boson+ is the most sensitive longwave infrared (LWIR) camera line in the market and it is a drop-in upgrade for the widely deployed Boson thermal camera module. 

Hadron 640R pairs the 640×512 resolution radiometric Boson thermal camera with a 64MP visible camera in a single easy-to-integrate module, the company says. Designed to optimize size, weight and power (SWaP) and manufactured in the US, Teledyne FLIR emphasizes that the Boson+ and Hadron 640R are ideal for integration in unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), automotive, wearables, security applications, handhelds and thermal sights.

Full support

Designed for integrators and with warranties, Teledyne FLIR says that the SWaP and cost-optimized high-performance thermal camera modules are AI-compatible and can include factory-integrated lenses to speed development.

Integration is made easy with application notes, videos, tools and support from the applications team to enable optimized camera performance.

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