Texas petrochemical facility deploys new access control solution

Access control card reader - used at Texas-based petrochemical facility

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NextGen Security has announced the deployment of its joint solution with Identity One for a Houston-based petrochemical facility for chemicals used in the manufacturing of plastics, tires and gasoline.

According to the companies, the 200 plus-acre plant, which grants access to around 400 full-time employees and contractors, expressed a need to upgrade their security system to register and verify transportation worker identification credential (TWIC) cards, in compliance with the TWIC Final Reader Rule — the current effective enforcement date for which is 8 May 2023.

A new solution for the petrochemical facility

“Identity One’s team of engineers worked hand in hand with us to ensure a successful deployment,” said Marco Segura, West Sales Manager at NextGen Security, LLC. “With the TWIC rule going to effect soon, Identity One’s solution increased security and access control management in many ways. Since our deployment, NextGen has partnered with Identity One on several other projects and looks forward to continuing to grow our partnership.”

“Identity One understands the unique needs of customers implementing smart cards based on FIPSlink for their high-security facilities,” said David Smith, CEO of Identity One. “We are excited to collaborate with NextGen to make this deployment possible, as their extensive experience in this market establishes them as a trusted partner. Our joint integration will safeguard the petrochemical facility personnel and ensures total TWIC compliance for years to come.”

At the facility

By using FIPSlink from Identity One, the petrochemical facility can validate a TWIC card within seconds, increasing security and access control management and ensuring the card is neither a duplicate nor listed on the cancelled card list (CCL).

As integrating FIPSlink into an existing physical access control system allows individuals to link their TWIC card with their site access card, NextGen says it significantly improved the ability for the installation site to secure user access throughout the facility. Identity One’s software also ensures the joint solution was TWIC-compliant, without hindering the facility’s day-to-day operations and workflows.

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