Under vehicle surveillance protects college football championship game

Under vehicle surveillance - used at College football championship

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ISS (Intelligent Security Systems) has announced that its SecurOS UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) was recently deployed at the US College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship between the Michigan Wolverines and Washington Huskies, which took place at the NRG Stadium in Houston.

Prior to the game, ISS, in partnership with systems integrator Unlimited Technology, worked with officials from NRG Stadium and stadium management firm ASM Global to install the UVSS at a designated arrival entrance for the respective football teams and other dignitaries where it was used to screen the undercarriage of approximately 140 vehicles for a wide range of vehicle-borne threats.

Among the vehicles screened using the under vehicle surveillance system included a mix of buses, sedans, trucks and vans.

Each vehicle also had its license plate simultaneously read by SecurOS Auto, ISS’s license plate recognition (LPR) software that can perform color, class, make and model recognition, to provide a complete profile of every automobile entering the venue.

Under vehicle surveillance

“ISS’s undercarriage technology enhances security by removing the human factor from the screening process and increasing visual accuracy,” said Ellis D Stafford, Safety & Security Director for NRG Park.  

“At the CFP National Championship, the resounding success of our technology deployment, featuring the groundbreaking UVSS, echoes the commitment to product innovation that defines our company,” added Matt Powell, Managing Director for North America at ISS.

“Our cutting-edge UVSS showcased precision that helps keeps fans moving while simultaneously keeping them safe.

“We extend gratitude to our valued partners, including Unlimited Technology, whose collaboration elevated this deployment to new heights.

“Together with the team at NRG Stadium, we forged a seamless fusion of innovation and expertise, setting a benchmark for these kinds of technology deployments.”

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