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University of New Haven selects Regula device for forensic training

Regula - forensic device

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The University of New Haven, Connecticut has chosen the dual-video spectral comparator Regula 4308S for the practical education of students in the field of forensic research.

According to Regula, the university plans to teach criminologists to meticulously examine all sorts of documents, as well as fingerprints, fibers and other pieces of evidence.

The company says that its Regula 4308S enables the truly advanced examination of any crime evidence, from all kinds of documents, to fingerprints, blood stains and more.

Document verification

The highest optical magnification (320x) and camera resolution (14 MP), over 40 light sources and more than 20 light filters, as well as 3D visualization capabilities and the ability to examine large objects, make Regula 4308S a powerful tool for forensic research, the company highlights.

For the purpose of identity document examination, the device has modules for reading MRZs, RFID chips, hidden images (IPI) and 1D and 2D barcodes.

Plus, Regula 4308S has a unique motorized oblique lighting system, which makes it possible to change the light source’s angle of incidence and thus gives a wide range of opportunities for examining the microrelief of a document in the visible and infrared spectrum range.

“Regula’s device provides us with wide capabilities for forensic research, so our students can be easily trained on the basics they need to use,” said Dr Josep De Alcaraz-Fossoul, Assistant Professor of Forensic Science at the University of New Haven.

“We also liked the good balance between the device’s functionality and its price. So far, I must say that our experience of using Regula 4308S is very positive.”

“With fraud being so sophisticated these days, it’s really crucial to equip forensic experts with not only powerful tools, but what is probably more important, fundamental knowledge,” added Arif A. Mamedov, President and CEO at Regula Forensics

“We are honored that the University of New Haven decided to rely on the capabilities of our device in their educational programs.”

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