US army awards Partner Nation ABIS contract to Athena Sciences

Biometrics - Athena Sciences

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Athena Sciences Corporation has received a contract from the Department of Defense (DoD) PM Biometrics to install, configure and operate an Automated Biometrics Identification System (ABIS) for a US Partner Nation through a foreign military sale.

The company says that using various biometric modalities (e.g., finger, face, iris) the ABIS will perform biometric matching to assist in establishing the identities of enrolled subjects in support of Partner Nation use cases.

“We are pleased to continue developing biometric solutions for the DoD PM Biometrics. With the leading talents and technologies from our team members EPS Corporation, Ideal Innovations Inc. and NEC we are prepared to deliver a cost-effective, purpose-built solution,” said Athena CEO Dan McCaugherty.

“Our micro-service design uses cloud-ready technologies, encapsulates the biometric matching technology and is flexible to changing transaction types enabling us to quickly implement, test and deploy ABIS configurations,” said Athena CTO Dan Nawrocki. “We see this solution as a blueprint for an ABIS at this scale.”

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