Utilise Altronix Tango PoE driven power supply solution for access control

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The proliferation of network-centric devices and an ever-expanding IoT universe continues to drive the popularity of Ethernet infrastructure to deploy access control, video surveillance and myriad other sensor technologies for professional security applications. Utilising PoE to connect these devices makes it incumbent for systems integrators to provide clients with the most cost-effective and efficient power distribution solutions. Altronix fulfills this need with Tango, a revolutionary PoE-driven power supply that provides the ability to deploy access control systems utilising low-voltage installation methods.

Tango virtually eliminates the need for high-voltage 115 or 220VAC to be installed at the endpoint to power locks, panels, readers and other access devices by enabling 12VDC and 24VDC devices to be powered simultaneously via 802.3bt PoE input. IEEE 802.3bt, also known as 4PPoE or 4-Pair PoE, uses all four pairs of wire in a structured cable to evenly distribute power over the same pathways as other low voltage wiring. As a result, security technicians can wire power for the required access devices, eliminating the need for electricians and dramatically reducing costs.

Tango products also save valuable enclosure space by using an eight-pin connection to stack access control power controllers and power distribution boards. This includes Altronix PDS8 Dual Input Power Distribution Modules which distribute 12VDC and/or 24VDC over a total of eight (8) fuse or PTC protected selectable outputs; and Altronix ACMS8 Dual Input Access Power Controllers which distribute power over a total of eight (8) fuse or PTC protected Fail-Safe and/or Fail-Secured relayed outputs. Network versions of these boards with embedded remote power management are also available.

Another advanced and highly efficient feature employed in Tango products is a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery charging circuit. This new-era battery solution provides integrators with a multitude of benefits when compared to the sealed lead-acid batteries by delivering 5,000 duty-cycles as well as a 10-year shelf life.

Tango is available in myriad configurations to meet a wide variety of system applications and is now UL 294 listed, documenting its high levels of reliability and safety for deploying access control systems. Like all Altronix products, Tango is manufactured in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. 

For more information, visit: www.Altronix.com

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