Vancouver police roll out body-worn cameras in pilot project

Vancouver - body-worn cameras used by police

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According to new reports, police officers in Vancouver will be utilizing body-worn cameras for a pilot project intended to improve public trust.

As outlined by The National Post, 85 of the body-worn cameras will be given to officers in the traffic section and chest-mounted cameras will be provided to officers working in the downtown core and in east Vancouver.

The news outlet highlights that the officers will be expected to use the cameras when there’s a reasonable belief there will be a use of force or any form of aggression, although they are not required to be activated all the time.

Body-worn camera policy

The results of the pilot project will be used to develop a wider body-worn camera policy for the police department.

“We are confident that we are hiring excellent men and women to do a very challenging job,” said Deputy Chief Howard Chow.

“However, if this tool helps to reassure and strengthen public confidence and trust, then it’s an important step worth taking.”

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