Verkada introduces new deliveries and logistics operations with Mailroom


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Verkada has announced the launch of Verkada Mailroom to enable organizations to efficiently keep track of the mail, packages and shipments coming to their facilities.

“We’re excited to add Verkada Mailroom to our comprehensive portfolio of cloud-managed enterprise building security products,” said Brandon Davito, VP of Product and Operations at Verkada. “Making sure inventory, supplies and deliveries get to the right people at the right time is critical to protecting our customers’ assets. With Mailroom, businesses can easily track inbound shipments and keep their mailroom operations secure within our easy-to-use platform.”

Verkada Mailroom is management software that enables organizations to regularly keep track of mail and shipments. With the Mailroom app, inventory managers and workplace staff can simply scan the label on any inbound package from a mobile device and it will instantly notify the recipient to collect the item – no special hardware required.

Mailroom also integrates with Verkada cameras out of the box. For customers with mailroom video cameras, office and inventory managers will see a full view of delivery activity within the Mailroom dashboard, making it simple to monitor activity and safeguard assets. Mailroom can be used in traditional mailrooms, loading docks, or almost anywhere where packages and freight come and go.

How Mailroom works:

  1. Scan the shipping label. In just one click, Mailroom scans a shipping label via optical character recognition (OCR) to match the name to the recipient. From the label, details of the package are captured, such as location, carrier, tracking number, recipient name and more. Inventory and warehouse managers can add even more detail with custom notes and additional photos. As an additional option, users can automatically print large name labels to make packages easier to locate on the mailroom shelf. Mailroom supports UPS, USPS, DHL, Fedex, Amazon, Royal Mail, OnTrac, Canada Post and more.
  2. Send notifications automatically. Once scanned, employees are notified via SMS, email or Slack that their package has arrived. If the package hasn’t been picked up after 24 hours, they’ll get automatic reminders. Employees can mark that they have picked up their package via email, text, or Slack.
  3. Track and manage. Staff can view a log of all items picked up and waiting and double-click into the details of each scanned item. For organizations with multiple shipping and receiving locations, staff can select the correct location from the dropdown to see the appropriate delivery logs. 
  4. Investigate lost items. With its native integration to Verkada security cameras, Mailroom makes it easy to do quick investigations of lost or removed items. See a live view of mailroom activity, as well as a historical snapshot of when an item was scanned. To more easily find lost items, filter by specific fields, such as tracking number, name or date.

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