Verkada releases new connectivity solution


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Verkada has announced its new connectivity solution, the GC31 Cellular Gateway, that will enable device deployment in hard-to-wire locations, a new set of government-grade solutions and an updated mobile app for iOS and Android.  

“As we protect more people and places than ever before, we’re continuing to improve and expand the capabilities of Verkada’s powerful platform for physical security,” said Brandon Davito, SVP of Product and Operations, Verkada.  

“Our newest products and features, including our new GC31 Cellular Gateway and government offering, demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers a best-in-class cloud-managed security platform.” 

Verkada tackling challenges 

The lack of connectivity in locations such as parking lots, construction sites, or remote areas, has been a longstanding challenge for organizations across every industry, the company reports.  

Verkada’s GC31 Cellular Gateway now enables customers to deploy up to two Verkada devices in previously hard-to-wire areas as long as there is available power and cell signal.  

Native integration into Verkada’s platform enables faster setup, remote troubleshooting and efficient data usage for customers. 

To support government agencies and contractors, Verkada Command is now available in AWS GovCloud.  

It will initially support two product lines: Video Security and Guest, Verkada’s visitor management solution.  

In addition, the offering includes four new models of FIPS-validated cameras.  

What’s new  

Verkada’s new mobile app provides a more consistent experience for customers across web and mobile versions of Command.  

Within Command, Verkada will also roll out two new alert types, loitering and line crossing, as well as upgrades to real-time POI detection to enable users to detect and respond to incidents faster.  

In addition, a new feature, Shortcuts, allows users to more easily follow a subject from one camera to the next in real time.  

Finally, Verkada launched a range of access control and intercom features purpose-built to power organizations operating across hundreds of locations and managing thousands of doors. 

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