Versaterm and EagleView improve first responder situational awareness with integration

Police car - situational awareness for first responders

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Versaterm Public Safety and EagleView Technologies have announced an expansion of their long-standing partnership with a new strategic integration that improves situational awareness, with EagleVew’s orthogonal and oblique imagery within Versaterm’s computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and mobility (MDT) systems.

According to the companies, this enhancement is among the first in the industry and is a testament to both organizations’ commitment to advancing public safety technologies.

“Our partnership with EagleView continues to evolve in ways that benefit the public safety agencies and the communities they serve,” said Sue Langlois, Chief Operating Officer of Versaterm Public Safety.

“This integration is more than just a technical upgrade; it’s the next step in our mission to empower better, faster and safer responses.”

Situational awareness

With this expanded integration, first responders and dispatch centers can rapidly access EagleView’s high-resolution orthogonal and oblique imagery, offering top-down and side angles of residential and commercial buildings, roads and other critical areas directly within Versaterm’s CAD and MDT system workflows.

The companies say that these enhanced views offer improved situational awareness with a clearer understanding of scale – i.e., distinguishing between a one-story and a 50-story structure – and provide insights into topography and sightlines.

The combined functionality is invaluable for public safety professionals, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

“Our ecosystem is growing rapidly as partners understand the industry-best offerings of EagleView,” shared Joe Oddi, Director of Partner Strategies at EagleView.

“And we could not be more excited to partner with Versaterm to bring our combined offering to public safety leaders across the nation.”

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