Vicon Industries secures $1 million order from Texas border protection

Texas-Mexico border - new order for Vicon Industries

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Cemtrex Inc., a security technology and industrial services company, has announced that it has received a $1.1 million order through Vicon Industries from a large border protection customer in Texas to develop its security technology system with new solutions, expanding on the customer’s $1.5 million order in January 2023.

The company says that with Vicon’s software solution currently deployed at the site, the new order builds on the customer’s video surveillance security capabilities with the addition of more Roughneck cameras and servers. The order is expected to be fulfilled by the second quarter of the calendar year.

Growing security

“Increasing modernization of the current security infrastructure is accelerating the growth of the border security market. With the rise of geopolitical instabilities and an increase in threat assessments, countries around the world are employing advanced security systems on their borders. Ground systems including video management systems and surveillance cameras are a critical component to safeguard these highly dynamic environments,” said Saagar Govil, Chairman and CEO of Cemtrex.

“Other concerns include a 207% rise in fentanyl seizures since 2020 and an increase in southwest land border encounters from 500,000 in 2020 to 2.4 million in 2022, according to the US Customs and Border Protection agency, is adding to calls for increased protections.

“Developments in advanced electronic devices such as computer vision, sensors, AI and machine learning are playing a critical role in powering these modern systems and providing additional savings by reducing manpower needs. We believe our Roughneck cameras and Valerus video management software solutions are an ideal solution for border protection customers seeking advanced surveillance solutions and due to increasing demand, will provide long term growth for Vicon.”

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