Vicon introduces new portfolio of corner mount cameras

Red camera lens - new corner camera from Vicon

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Vicon Industries, Inc. has introduced its new range of cameras that the company says can be used in a variety of indoor applications.

According to the company, the new cameras are vandal-resistant, fixed IP cameras that deliver 5 MP coverage.

Corner cameras

Vicon Industries says that corner mount cameras are uniquely designed to provide complete coverage of a room, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications – especially where there is a risk of tampering or destruction. Its new series of Roughneck AI corner cameras includes a new standard Corner Camera, an upgraded V-CELL High-Security Camera and a camera module for V-CELL retrofit opportunities.

“Our new suite of 5 MP corner cameras delivers the industry’s highest resolution for this class of cameras, plus a 2.4 mm lens that gives a nice wide-angle view of the room,” said Bob Germain, Vicon’s Director of Camera Products. “Add to that the built-in mic, which allows for recording of audio evidence and the Starlight low-light technology that lets users see color in near-dark conditions.”

In action

The company says that the new Roughneck AI Corner Camera provides wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling coverage of small to medium areas like elevators, waiting rooms, classrooms, lobbies and observation rooms. Its small, unobtrusive footprint is aesthetically appealing in any environment.

Vicon says its V-CELL High Security Camera has been redesigned, inside and out. All of the features that make this camera unique remain intact, including its stainless-steel anti-ligature design, its impact-resistant construction and secure tamper-resistant mount, and its water and corrosion-resistant components.

“Customers worldwide already love the V-CELL,” said Germain. “And now it’s been upgraded from 3 MP to 5 MP and it also incorporates non-visible IR, which eliminates that visible glow, so the resident won’t be distracted or alerted that the camera is on.”

Additional features

Vicon also says that it now offers a V-CELL Camera Module Replacement Kit, which lets customers upgrade their existing V-CELL installed base with these new and improved cameras – complete with their 5 MP resolution, non-visible IR and Starlight low-light technology.

“We know there’s a huge installed base of V-CELL Cameras already in place in correctional facilities worldwide and our ability to upgrade them to the latest camera technology will be a great advantage,” said Bret McGowan, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “In keeping with their anti-ligature nature, their frames are literally cemented to the wall, which can make it challenging and costly to replace them with new cameras. Until now.”

According to Vicon, this new V-CELL Camera Module Replacement Kit has a three-step swap-out process: unscrew and remove the old camera module (just three screws). Plug in the new camera module using the single component connector and replace the screws. As the camera and all electronics are mounted on the removable front plate, there’s no need to remove the entire frame just to install the new camera.

SJA insight

The new series of Roughneck AI corner cameras has the potential to increase physical security in a huge range of sectors.

The ability to be used across almost any industry and at the same time ensure that this new product can aid many of Vicon’s customers and protect their property and assets.

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