Xtract One to secure entrances at large Maine venue

Outside of Cross Insurance Center, which is using the Xtract One SmartGateway

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Security solution provider Xtract One Technologies has revealed that its SmartGateway screening product was selected by Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine to ensure that entrances for concerts, conferences and other live events are secure.

Continued partnership

The facility is owned by city of Bangor and is managed by global sports and entertainment company Oak View Group (OVG), which announced a strategic partnership with Xtract One in October 2022.

“As a venue that hosts a variety of events, we are committed to constantly improving our safety operations and finding new ways to ensure the security of our fans and guests,” said Chris McGrail, General Manager at Cross Insurance Center.

“By partnering with Xtract One, we are taking a proactive approach to enhancing our security measures and providing the highest level of protection and overall experience, to our patrons. This partnership is just one example of our commitment to guest safety and we look forward to working together to provide a better overall experience for anyone who enters our venue.”


The company highlights that the SmartGateway system delivers fast, reliable and accurate screening for high-throughput venues, leveraging AI-powered sensors to detect threats without invading guests’ sense of privacy and comfort. SmartGateway unobtrusively scans patrons for weapons and other prohibited items as they enter the space, optimizing their experience by reducing time spent in security lines and enhancing safety.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Cross Insurance Center, OVG and the city of Bangor to implement our SmartGateway technology to ensure the safety and security of their patrons, while enhancing the guest experience,” said Peter Evans, CEO of Xtract One. “We look forward to continuing our work with OVG and delivering innovative, optimal security solutions for their growing portfolio of venues.”

SJA insight

With the new solution from Xtract One, the Cross Insurance Center should be able to identify threats such as weapons entering the venue, but without disrupting the experience for fans – meaning that safety is improved alongside the business operations.

Making sure that the security of large, public events is at a high level is a top priority for security professionals, particularly in light of recent violent events within the US. Therefore, employing strategies to reduce these incidents is key.

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