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ZBeta welcomes new Director of InfoSec

Handshake - ZBeta names new Director of InfoSec

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ZBeta has announced the appointment of Chris Tallerico as its new Director of InfoSec.

According to the company, this key appointment aligns with ZBeta’s ongoing commitment to strengthen organizational security frameworks and broaden its services in response to increasing client needs.

By bringing Tallerico on board, ZBeta says that it is set to enhance its security consulting program, providing stronger safeguards against both cyber-threats and physical breaches.

Role in the industry

Before his current role at ZBeta, Tallerico was the Director of Technical Account Management at Dragos and served as a Principal Consultant for Cybersecurity at Ross & Baruzzini.

He also played a crucial role in establishing and expanding the cybersecurity division at MNetworks and held the position of CTO at McMillan Electric, overseeing the corporate IT department.

“Chris’ impact will be three-fold: continuing to build and refine our information security programs and better protecting our and our client’s data; enhancing our technical consulting capabilities through improved evaluation of product cybersecurity features and vulnerabilities; and lastly, adding a critical cybersecurity perspective to the threat, vulnerability and risk assessment work of our Enterprise Security Risk Group,” said Zack Brunette, CEO, ZBeta.

“A true physical security focus remains a hallmark of our consulting practice, but we know it is impossible to conduct that work without cyber expertise.

“Just as one can’t ignore physical security and access when protecting IT networks and assets, we cannot neglect this crucial element and do our work at the very high level we aspire to.”

“As technology advances and risks become more varied, security leaders are encountering increasingly complex challenges,” Tallerico said.

“The surge in remote interactions has broadened the threat landscape to encompass both physical and cyber-risks, underscoring the necessity of a unified security approach.

“ZBeta is positioned to assist global enterprises in preparing, planning and mitigating disruptions to their operations, assets, brand and personnel, and I am excited to contribute to this effort.”

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