ZKTeco USA, Lockt and Z9 Security collaborate on open architecture access control

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ZKTeco USA has announced a strategic partnership where Lockt, LLC’s SecureAccess software will now support ZKTeco’s Atlas Access control panels using the z9/op=n interoperability platform from Z9 Security.

According to the companies, the integration is possible because ZKTeco USA Atlas Series controllers are z9/op=n certified and Lockt’s SecureAccess software is built on top of Z9 Security’s Z9/FL=X platform – both core elements of Z9 Security’s interoperability ecosystem.

“ZKTeco USA appreciates the high value delivered to customers utilizing Atlas Panels in conjunction with industry-leading security partners like Lockt, LLC and Z9 Security,” said Manish Dalal, President and Founder of ZKTeco USA.

“ZKTeco USA has been at the forefront of biometric and access control solutions for over a decade.

“With a commitment to research and development, ZKTeco USA has continuously introduced groundbreaking technologies which transform the way organizations manage their security needs.

“Our innovative solutions are trusted by thousands of businesses globally.”

Open architecture in access control

Ken Larson, President of Z9 Security, also expressed his enthusiasm, stating: “We are thrilled to welcome Lockt to the Z9 Security interoperability ecosystem.

“This collaboration expands Lockt customers’ hardware options to include the robust and high-performing ZKTeco USA Atlas Series controllers and gives Atlas Series customers the option of Lockt’s scalable, powerful and seamless Secure Access software platform.

“This is really a case study in the power of open architecture.”

“We are thrilled to partner with ZKTeco USA to bring a new level of innovation and user experience to the market,” said Josh Plummer, Managing Partner of Lockt, LLC.

“By combining our expertise and leveraging ZKTeco USA’s advanced technology, we will create powerful security solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

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