Affordabe PTZ camera released by Axis Communications

Axis camera - PTZ camera

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Axis Communications has announced the release of its AXIS M5526-E PTZ Camera, a flexible pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera offering image quality in 4 MP with 10x optical zoom. 

According to the company, the camera is compatible with all Axis PTZ mounts and can be mounted both indoors and outdoors.

PTZ camera features

The AXIS M5526-E PTZ Camera features a continuous 360° pan and optical zoom for sweeping overviews and zoomed-in details, the organization highlights.

Thanks to autofocus it ensures detailed, sharp images every time.

Additionally, day/night functionality provides high-quality black-and-white video with improved sensitivity in even lower light.

It includes three scene profiles (indoor, outdoor and forensic) with different image settings optimized to suit specific scenarios.

Moreover, privacy masking with mosaic makes it possible to pixelate whole areas such as a neighboring property. 

Built on ARTPEC-8, this PTZ camera includes a deep learning processing unit (DLPU) enabling improved processing and storage capabilities.

AXIS Object Analytics can detect and classify humans, vehicles, and types of vehicles – all tailored to specific needs. 

Affordable pricing

Axis says that this affordably priced camera comes with audio and I/O connectivity making it possible to integrate peripheral equipment, for instance, a microphone to extend the value of the system. 

Furthermore, Axis Edge Vault, a hardware-based cybersecurity platform, safeguards the device and protects sensitive information from unauthorized access.

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