Camera to cloud solutions expanded by Arcules

Camera and Arcules product

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Arcules, a provider of unified, intelligent cloud-based video surveillance solutions, has unveiled a new cloud video offering to help organizations modernize their security infrastructures and unlock more value from their video deployments.

Developed in collaboration with Axis Communications, Arcules now offers users another path to the cloud through a solution that it says maximizes uptime and secures video data.

The camera to cloud offering provides an additional level of flexibility and computing that Arcules says enhances its current cloud services portfolio and is a part of its continued mission to help organizations ensure the safety of their people and their businesses. The new option seamlessly connects cameras running the core Arcules cloud video service directly to the cloud.

The offering eliminates the need for onsite hardware, which accommodates various budget and bandwidth requirements across distributed environments.

“Bandwidth limitations are an issue that many organizations face and must navigate to maintain their operations. The Arcules camera to cloud solution addresses this concern head-on, significantly reducing network requirements and empowering users to access new levels of video intelligence,” said Andreas Pettersson, CEO, Arcules.

“With this solution, organizations can unlock a modern and flexible VSaaS architecture that eliminates the typical complexity and spending associated with traditional on-premises video surveillance deployments. With the Arcules camera to cloud, businesses can stay ahead of the curve, improve operational efficiencies and achieve greater success.”

The cloud-to-camera service will be available on select cameras from Axis, allowing users to access advanced video analytics at the edge, such as object detection, to better identify potential risks and increase situational awareness. It also includes on-camera storage and cloud-based archiving of exported case video.

“With our combined strengths, Arcules and Axis are well positioned to deliver powerful computing at the edge and in the cloud,” said Fredrik Nilsson, Vice President, Americas, Axis Communications. “The unique camera to cloud service and architecture effectively addresses the demands of video surveillance applications by improving bandwidth, performance and security in a cost-effective way.”

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