ISS video analytics available in validated vision AI packaged solutions

ISS - video analytics

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ISS (Intelligent Security Systems), a provider of video intelligence and data awareness solutions, has announced that its video analytics solutions will soon be available to purchase through aggregator partners in a new range of pre-validated hardware-software configurations.

According to the company, these packaged offerings are fully integrated AI solutions for applications in smart spaces, such as cities, retail, transit, stadiums, campus, manufacturing and more. It will now be easier for customers across spaces experiencing a rise in automation to improve sensor infrastructure, enabling use cases which require video analytics capabilities such as object recognition, classification and detection. 

Powered by NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) and NVIDIA BlueField data processing units (DPUs) and combined with leading software platforms, ISS says that these ready-to-deploy appliances are ideal for power compute and data-intensive applications like AI video analytics. This effort will facilitate simple deployments of AI, autonomous machines and other technologies.

“One of our core missions at ISS is making high-trust analytics and AI accessible to sections of the market that previously have not had access to products like ours,” said Matt Powell, Managing Director for North America at ISS.

“The goal is to remove the barriers created by the complexity of hardware integration, resulting in systems integrators and end users focusing less on the hardware challenges and more on the benefits of the software. We look forward to growing this collaboration and bringing these pre-validated vision AI offerings to the market.” 

“ISS is excited to bring this initiative to our distribution partners, deepening our relationships and bringing advanced analytics, bundled with NVIDIA GPU-accelerated hardware configurations, to our customers across North America,” added Charles Vancheri, Associate Director of Distribution Partnership for North America at ISS.” 

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