Carbyne and Bosch partner on LATAM vehicle and road safety

Road in Mexico - Carbyne and Bosch partner to improve safety

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Customers of Bosch based in Latin America will now be able to utilize eCall, developed by Carbyne, under the terms of a new deal to improve road safety.

The partnership will see Carbyne unite its emergency response platform with Bosch’s telematics system. Clients of Bosch in covered areas will be able to send information, such as location, vehicle model and number, as well as directions, to emergency services. Carbyne highlights that the platform uses real-time communication, location sharing and an array of AI and NLP-based capabilities.

Improving emergency response

According to Carbyne, its technology in emergency call centers has reduced processing times by 50% and operational costs by 20%.

“We are excited to partner with Bosch Service Solutions to bring advanced emergency response capabilities to their customers in Latin America,” said Amir Elichai, CEO of Carbyne. “Our technology will help Bosch customers in the region to receive faster and more accurate emergency response services, saving lives and reducing the potentially tragic impact of accidents.”

Elichai added that Carbyne would offer this service at no cost for any government agency in the region.

“Bosch Service Solutions is committed to providing digitalized mobility services that enhance safety, security and convenience in and outside of vehicles,” said Stefan Gross, Head of Mobility Services at Bosch Service Solutions. “This partnership with Carbyne will allow us to offer an integrated eCall solution that ensures our customers receive the best possible emergency response experience.”

The Carbyne and Bosch partnership will be introduced to several Latin American countries, with plans to extend the service to other regions in the future to enhance road safety.

About the companies

Carbyne is headquartered in New York, NY and is a provider of cloud-native, mission-critical contact center solutions. Bosch Service Solutions is a provider of technology-based services with around 10,000 associates worldwide.

SJA opinion

In the event of an accident or emergency, response teams need to have as much information as possible, to be able to reduce casualties.

Particularly on the road, accidents and collisions can be fatal. Therefore, making sure that the correct data is sent to emergency services could saves lives. The solution from Carbyne and Bosch will initially be available in Mexico before being rolled out to other countries in Latin America, where it will hopefully be used to reduce the losses seen on roads.

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