Carbyne announces partnership to improve emergency response

Light on top of police car - law enforcement and emergency response

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Carbyne, a provider of public safety communications, has partnered with public safety software solutions provider Tyler Technologies to enhance emergency responses.

According to the organizations, the partnership enables the integration of Carbyne’s emergency communication as a service (ECaaS) technology into Tyler’s Enterprise CAD solution, standardizing video calls and providing dispatchers with live, actionable data that will lead to more efficient and transparent operations. 

Improving response

“Our vision is to create a unified data flow between call handling and CAD systems, eliminating technological barriers and allowing emergency responders to focus on the situation at hand,” said Amir Elichai, Carbyne’s Chief Executive Officer.

“By integrating our cutting-edge video capabilities within Tyler Technologies’ Enterprise CAD system, we improve resource allocation, optimize response strategies and save lives. As technology innovators, Carbyne and Tyler Technologies are committed to working together to drive continuous advancements in emergency response solutions that better serve communities and save lives.”


Carbyne says that its ECaaS enables live video, voice, messaging and real-time location from individuals calling 911. Designed with responder safety in mind, the ECaaS empowers first responders to arrive better prepared to manage incidents and improve outcomes.

Tyler’s Enterprise CAD software is a multi-discipline, multi-agency solution for law enforcement, fire and EMS dispatching used by communication centers of all sizes to manage and co-ordinate emergency responses. With Enterprise CAD, users respond better prepared using dynamic response plans that provide real-time updates, send smarter responses based on proximity and resources, easily access life-saving data and improve situational awareness capabilities.

“This partnership represents a major step forward for the industry and will significantly enhance situational awareness, empowering dispatchers to make informed, real-time decisions. By providing dispatchers with access to live video feeds, this solution will significantly improve resource allocation and ensure optimal response strategies, ultimately saving lives and resources in critical situations,” said Rusty Smith, President of Tyler Technologies’ Justice Group.  

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