Cloudastructure and Sunell Security partner on surveillance

Surveillance camera

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Sunell Security has entered into a new, non-exclusive partnership to supply Cloudastructure with surveillance cameras, speakers and other hardware.

According to the companies, this is a new expansion of Cloudastructure’s product lines, which already includes AI surveillance, as well as remote guarding capabilities and services.

Cloudastructure highlights that with the new partnership, it can now offer its customers:

  • High-quality surveillance cameras at an affordable cost
  • The ability to elude supply chain delays for hardware
  • Expedited “one stop shopping” via a trusted security partner

Surveillance hardware

“While we remain committed to being camera agnostic for the sake of our customers, quite a few wish to either add to, or upgrade, their existing cameras,” said Cloudastructure CRO Lauren O’Brien.

“This partnership enables and expedites that process for them. We are proud to have Sunell as a technology partner and regard this as a natural expansion of our capabilities to offer the most affordable, proactive security solution on the market today.”

“We sought out Cloudastructure at ISC West because we’d heard they are a rapidly expanding AI surveillance company,” said Libo Cui, Senior Sales Manager for Sunell.

“Their remote guarding capabilities are particularly synergistic with our products and we look forward to being part of their impressive technology solutions for a very long time.”

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