Colombia civil registry to utilize biometrics

Colombia city

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The National Registrar of Colombia, Alexander Vega, has signed an agreement with the Collegiate Union of Colombian Notaries for the civil registry of citizens to be processed digitally.

According to a report outlined in Semana, to obtain certain documents digitally, citizens can now use biometric facial identification. The National Registry also intends to install machines in certain areas for citizens to carry out this process. 

“They will be a kind of ATMs, similar to electronic ones, that will allow the issuance of copies of civil registration in shopping centers and places with the greatest influx of citizens,” said the Delegate Registrar for Identification and Civil Registration, Didier Chilito.

“The world changed after the pandemic. The Registrar’s Office also did it and I believe that the Collegiate Union of Colombian Notaries managed to take notaries into the future,” said Vega. 

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