Event security provider Crowdguard UK launches in the United States

Crowdguard US. Left to right: James DeMeo, Deborah Ainscough and Herb Ubbens

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Crowdguard US will go head-to-head with established US event security providers by offering its flagship hostile vehicle system – can be installed in just 40 minutes – and believes its knowledge of heavily-regulated events protection in the UK will attract US customers

Crowdguard, one of the UK’s largest event security providers has revealed details of its move into the US market.

It is promising to apply UK levels of security and crowd management to the United States’ market, which includes the introduction of its ATG Surface Guard to US events’ organizers. Surface Guard is an award-winning hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) system and the company’s flagship product.

Supplied in single units, the surface-mounted, modular system can be installed across a single roadway in 40 minutes.

Operations director, Deborah Ainscough said: “We are expanding into the US market because we see an opportunity to implement in the states the best practice approach we have pioneered in the UK.”

Crowdguard US will be headed by Herb Ubbens and James DeMeo. Both are experts in outdoor event risk assessment and security, based in the US with a full understanding of the country’s safety and security landscape. 

Ubbens is Board Certified in Security Management (CPP) and Physical Security (PSP) and is a SAFETY Act DHS Assessor in BPATS (Best Practices for Anti-Terrorism Security) and the Sector Chief of Commercial Facilities for InfraGard of Eastern NC, while DeMeo holds professional memberships with both ASIS International and the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security-NCS4.

Ubbens said: “There are a lot of companies in the US offering event protection and hostile vehicle mitigation solutions, but the process of installing these solutions is much more heavily regulated in the UK. Being able to roll out that best practice in the USA will be a gamechanger.

“With Crowdguard’s record in the UK, we are able to offer accountability for end-to-end delivery for US customers, with proven HVM products, installation expertise and service protocols.”

DeMeo said: “Today’s ever evolving threat continuum presents numerous challenges for event organisers. Whether they are enjoying outdoor events, or attending stadiums and venues, people want to feel safe and should come to expect 21st-century enhanced safety and security measures.

“Crowdguard has the proven safety technology and expertise to revolutionize the entire special events ecosystem and I am excited to be part of the new venture in the US and the positive change it can achieve.”

Deborah Ainscough will also take a hands-on role in developing the US business and working with clients in the US. She will join Ubbens and De Meo at the 2022 SIA GovSummit in Washington DC, May 24-25, a conference that focuses emerging policy trends, the technology needs of the government and changes in the risk environment.

Ainscough said: “With Herb and James at the helm of Crowdguard US, we have the right experience and in-depth understanding of risk, combined with our experience of UK installation standards to achieve those goals and I am very excited about what we can deliver in the USA.

“Safety and security are fundamental to protecting the most important asset for any venue or event: customers. That’s why Crowdguard US will focus on the same principles as our successful UK company: understanding the risks, deploying a suitable solution and installing and maintaining those market-leading products to the highest standards.”

About Crowdguard

Crowdguard is a specialist event protection, crowd protection and HVM provider, dedicated to increasing public safety and freedom for crowds and public events.

It is a temporary event security provider with experience across major public events including outdoor concerts, Premiership soccer games and national events. It works closely with its sister company Ainscough Industrial Services, which has more than 40 years’ experience and expertise in equipment moving and handling. 

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