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MOBOTIX AG has announced its expanded MOBOTIX CLOUD solution, a video management system (VMS) designed to aid large companies and groups with multiple locations, many users, regulatory requirements and complex monitoring requirements. 

Cloud solution expansion

According to the company, the extended range of the MOBOTIX CLOUD solution includes three editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

It enables the solution to be adapted to the requirements of companies, regardless of the number of cameras and the subscription period.

MOBOTIX reveals that the Standard Edition of its cloud solution includes all the core features of the MOBOTIX CLOUD VMS.

That means Smart Video Search and the full range of artificial intelligence (AI)-based video analytics to optimize security and business processes. 

The company says that the Professional Edition has been developed for medium-sized companies (ten to 25+ locations) and fast-growing businesses.

It offers additional functions for improved management of multiple locations, users and cameras.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise Edition is ideal for large, locally distributed and multinational corporations.

It enables the management of an unlimited number of users and offers an advanced access management solution and comprehensive operational reporting for compliance and legal requirements.

The company highlights that the MOBOTIX CLOUD solution update includes a multitude of  functions, such as single sign-on to improve access management, increased management of camera groups by location and the display on floor plans is ensured by locations/floor plans.

The new audit log checks user activities and makes them traceable.

In addition, the AI-powered Smart Layouts can prioritize cameras with detected motion in the dashboard layout, making live activity immediately visible.

The new Command Line Interface (CLI) makes it easy to create script-based commands for automating system-wide functions and troubleshooting.

The MOBOTIX CLOUD also offers a new way to connect MOBOTIX MOVE cameras to the cloud faster and easier without additional hardware (bridge). 

Reducing false alarms

Additionally, the company has revealed the availability of the full version of its in-house developed Thermal Validation App.

According to MOBOTIX, the app reduces false alarms to a minimum by detecting and filtering out non-critical heat sources like excavators or trucks in a monitored scene; the hot exhaust systems or body parts no longer trigger false alarms. 

“The MOBOTIX Thermal Validation App is a game changer for many different thermal applications! It will automatically detect and filter hot objects, such as vehicles with hot engines, which appear in the camera image but are not critical,” said MOBOTIX CTO Christian Cabirol.

“In this way, the intelligent app effectively reduces false alarms or, at best, avoids them completely.

“We have expanded our proven thermal and fire protection solutions in recent years, which has been recognized by receiving the GIT SICHERHEIT Award 2024 , which we are immensely proud of.”

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