New multisensor PTZ camera released by MOBOTIX

MOBOTIX - multisensor PTZ camera

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MOBOTIX has introduced its new MOBOTIX MOVE Vandal Multisensor PTZ Combo – an all-in-one video solution, designed for larger surveillance areas.

According to the company, the camera combines a 360° panoramic view with comprehensive pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) functionalities in a single device.

The camera is built for indoor and outdoor applications, e.g., in parking and waiting areas, public areas, smart cities, airports, train stations, ports and industrial facilities.

MOBOTIX says that four fixed 5MP sensors with a 40° tilt angle ensure seamless 360° surveillance.

The modules can be manually adjusted in three stages during installation to ensure optimum adaptation to the surveillance area at different distances.

Multisensor PTZ object tracking

The company highlights that the integrated high-speed PTZ camera enables panning and tilting with up to 21x zoom to capture all details precisely.

The 2MP motorized PTZ unit, which is protected by a dome, achieves a pan/tilt speed of up to 500 degrees per second.

In addition to manual operation, AI-based automatic PTZ control for object tracking in real-time is also possible.

The camera combines the multisensor and PTZ unit without manual calibration. In the event of an alarm, the multisensor PTZ camera tracks the relevant object and records the activities automatically.

AI-supported video analysis functions are integrated free-of-charge to detect unauthorized intrusion, movement in the wrong direction, crossing of lines or barriers and loitering, MOBOTIX says.

The tools work on all four directional sensors simultaneously and enable reliable video surveillance and analysis around the clock.

Numerous applications

The company says that the camera can be used in almost every vertical, mainly the transport and mobility sectors and in government sectors.

Possible scenarios include smart city applications (traffic flows/intersections), airports, railroad stations, ports and public spaces.

The camera works across all sectors in parking lots and storage areas. It also demonstrates its strengths in industrial facilities, retail spaces, hotel foyers and stadiums.


The integrated IT security TPM chipset, certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3, stands for a high data and cybersecurity, MOBOTIX highlights.

That is the latest version of the US government’s computer security standard to validate cryptographic modules.

A five-year guarantee underlines the longevity and reliability of the camera, the company says.

The gear drive of the PTZ motor of the MOBOTIX MOVE Vandal Multisensor PTZ Combo also contributes to this. In contrast to conventional belt drives, it is maintenance-free and more durable.

“The new MOBOTIX MOVE Vandal Multisensor PTZ Combo is an innovative extension of our MOVE series for AI-supported 360° surveillance of large outdoor and indoor areas,” said MOBOTIX CSMO Phil Antoniou.

“It sets standards on the market for compactness, robustness and reliability and – like all MOBOTIX MOVE cameras – is NDAA-compliant.

“It meets the requirements of the US National Defense Authorization Act.”

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