MOBOTIX 7 Series passes US NEMA 4X tests for camera robustness

Camera and camera robustness

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MOBOTIX has announced that its MOBOTIX 7 Series cameras have passed US National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 4X tests, certifying the camera robustness, being rated for use in harsh environments.

Camera robustness

According to the company, the US NEMA 4X is one of the highest ratings for outdoor equipment. The MOBOTIX 7 Series cameras meet all criteria set forth by NEMA 4X standards and are designed to withstand dust, water spray, snow, ice and extreme temperatures without compromising performance or reliability.

“We are proud of our MOBOTIX 7 cameras passing these tests with such success,” said MOBOTIX CTO Christian Cabirol.

“This once again proves that our cameras are capable of handling even the toughest environmental conditions.”

MOBOTIX highlights that its solutions have been tested extensively for camera robustness, including shock resistance and resistance against vibration and corrosion.

All tests were conducted according to strict industry standards to ensure the product meets the highest quality requirements for indoor and outdoor applications.

“At MOBOTIX, we strive to provide our customers with products that meet their highest expectations,” added Cabirol.

“We believe this certification demonstrates our commitment to providing reliable products that can handle any situation.” 


In addition to the physical quality and camera robustness tests, the MOBOTIX cameras are regularly tested for cybersecurity.

In penetration tests conducted by renowned testing institutes, the cameras repeatedly proved their resistance to cyber-attacks, the company says.

“The successful NEMA 4X tests confirm our high demand for the best quality,” emphasized MOBOTIX CSMO Phil Antoniou, who is responsible for Sales Americas.

“We offer our customers video systems and solutions that provide the best possible protection – not only for people, equipment, goods, premises or buildings but also for the data that our cameras collect.

“With their robustness, the cameras are particularly suitable for demanding environments, such as in industry and production, energy, utilities and mining or in outdoor areas around logistics and in traffic monitoring.

“The long durability reduces the need for maintenance, saving time and money. This means profitable performance with the best return on investment.”

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