North Carolina school districts partner with Evolv for weapons detection

Students in school - weapons detection

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Evolv Technology, a provider of AI-based weapons detection security screening, has announced a new partnership with North Carolina’s Nash County Public Schools (NCPS).

According to the company, NCPS is installing its Evolv Express weapons detection system at all high and middle schools to strengthen security measures for students and staff.

Weapons detection screening

Evolv highlights that unlike traditional metal detectors, Evolv Express uses powerful sensor technology with AI to provide safer, more accurate threat detection at high volume and speed.

The nature of Evolv’s screening technology enables students to walk through the open-air kiosk, often retaining their concealed belongings, reducing delays or lines.

In the event of an alert, the system’s green lights may turn red and pinpoint the potentially dangerous item, accompanied by a photo of the student with a red box around the alarmed object displayed on a tablet.

NCPS trained staff members can then conduct a targeted search based on the alert.

Student safety

“Helping school districts balance a need for enhanced safety with student engagement is one of the most important aspects of our partnership,” said Neil Sandoff, Vice President of Education for Evolv Technology.

“A connected community – one where students and staff feel safe and seen – can yield positive results, not only from a security standpoint, but academically and emotionally.”

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