Exploring generative AI’s growing impact on security, physical access control

AI and access control

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Jasvir Gill, Founder and CEO of AlertEnterprise explains how to enhance physical access control systems with AI-based solutions.

Access control data

Do you know that saying about treasure hiding in plain sight? When it comes to security, that rings true – but think of said treasure as security data.

Here’s the truth: most organizations already have volumes of physical security data at their fingertips.

Data that’s teeming with the potential to revolutionize their access control systems.

But how do we surface the right data to cultivate physical access insights that help practitioners predict, mitigate and prevent risk?

The answer is currently transforming security at lightning-fast speed: generative AI.

The dawn of a new AI era

Generative AI technology like OpenAI has quickly become a household name, generating 100 million users in its first five days of inception.

It’s having an impact on nearly every industry from healthcare to education and yes, even security.

AI-based security solutions ingest and analyze physical security data to produce real-time insights that help organizations stay proactive in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

AI enables a security operations center (SOC) team to act quickly on unusual badge activity, view alarm analytics, add risk scoring to identity profiles and prioritize tasks with automated workflows.

Through advance natural language processing (NLP) models, security teams can even get instant answers from an AI chatbot through simple prompts like “How many people are in the data center?” or “Which employee certifications are expiring soon?”

So, how does AI play into a more secure workplace environment?

Let’s explore a real-life example: imagine you’re a leading financial institute with over 200,000 employees and a SOC team that is constantly bombarded with costly and time-consuming alarms.

No matter how quickly team members respond to an incident, they’re still behind from the beginning.

Enter an AI-based cyber-physical security solution that detects and mitigate risk.

After implementation, the organization was able to streamline its processes through automation and respond to threats quicker – sometimes before they came to fruition.

This means fewer resources wasted on false alarms, safer operations for consumers and employees, greater overall efficiency and lower costs.

“How can you be more proactive? The answer is that AI component,” a company security leader said.

Today’s use cases of AI technology have evolved greatly in a short period as AI in security was once only synonymous with video surveillance and analytics.

Now, companies like this financial institution are utilizing AI to transform access control systems so security practitioners can make more informed, intentional decisions.

This reduces risks and protects people, places and assets.

Responsible use of AI

As the popularity of generative AI grows, so do the questions around data privacy and safety.

Questions arise like, “Is my data being comprised?” or “Is this technology safe?”

Businesses can help prevent the potential misuse of AI by finding a trustworthy technology partner that’s transparent about its data policies.

At AlertEnterprise, we’ve implemented comprehensive enterprise compliance and security controls to protect customer privacy and data.

Customer data is safeguarded through two-level privacy filters: it’s not shared with OpenAI and our models are only trained through metadata that’s used in a controlled protocol without human intervention.

As this access control data is never distributed to any third-party application, it’s not training or enriching any foundation AI models used by others. That means it stays right where it belongs: with you.

Start transforming your physical access control system with AI-based security solutions that elevate safety (and keep data secure).

AlertEnterprise’s Guardian SOC Insights and Security AI Chatbot help turn access control data into insights, hours into minutes – and threats into safer, more efficient operations.

Together, let’s empower physical security at the speed of AI. Click here to find out more.

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