Hanwha Vision to highlight surveillance solutions at GSX

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Hanwha Vision will be showcasing an array of new surveillance products and vision solutions at GSX 2023, taking place 11 – 13 September at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, TX.

“Our customers are facing more business challenges than ever before, from increased security threats to fewer security resources to tighter budgets,” said Kevin Seo, President of Hanwha Vision America.

“Businesses need surveillance solutions that combine 24/7 protection with the latest advancements in AI, analytics and cloud management.

“They’re working differently and so are we, developing the right security and surveillance solutions to help professionals meet their challenges, protect their operations and keep their business moving forward.”

Hanwha Vision says that its newest surveillance solutions pack a range of features to support accurate detection and classification, wide field of view and discreet monitoring for corrections, healthcare, schools and smart applications. 


Hanwha Vision says that it will be showcasing its AI capabilities at the show. The company first started introducing AI into its products on a selective and specific basis. Now, AI is a key feature across all product lines.

X Series AI PTZ Plus cameras

With the new X Series AI PTZ Plus cameras, Hanwha Vision says that security professionals can increase their operational efficiency while enhancing their surveillance capabilities.

Users can narrow search criteria down to specific people, objects or angles, plus Auto Tracking enables continuous tracking in challenging viewing environments and built-in AI algorithms minimize low-light noise and reduce motion blur.

Q series camera with AI

Hanwha Vision is also adding AI to its mid-tier workhorse Q series cameras. This enables accurate people, vehicle and object detection by filtering out irrelevant motion triggers and creating fewer false alarms.

New Q series upgrades include 4K resolution, an enhanced vandal-resistant design, an operator-controlled LDC function to correct distorted images based on monitoring environment and AI-based video compression for bandwidth and noise reduction.

Flex AI

Flex AI machine learning helps Hanwha cameras continually learn to recognize key objects for accurate detection (more than 85%) and effective searches.

Hanwha says that Flex AI enables the detection of custom objects by leveraging ​its Fast Deep Learning Model Training and Verification​.

It can be deployed as a cloud-based application, eliminating the need for on-premise hardware​ and connects to existing cameras to receive the latest training videos and upload detection models.

DM Pro

DM Pro is a cloud-based solution that provides device management and health monitoring capabilities.

According to Hanwha Vision, professionals can use DM Pro to “teach” an object in the cloud to create a file that can be uploaded to the WiseAI app for accurate object detection.

DM Pro also includes unified device management through an intuitive dashboard, proactive real-time device health and status monitoring, proactive real-time warning information and Web Push real-time emergency event notification.

Corner mount camera

Hanwha Vision’s new 3MP TNV-C7013RC camera includes a wide FOV eliminating blind spots when installed in corners and a unique non-visible IR design keeps recording activity discreet and inconspicuous.

Built-in AI enables accurate classification and detection, with search capabilities based on the color of clothing and the ability to trigger alarms based on color.

Four-and five-channel multi-directional camera

Hanwha Vision is adding AI to its new four and five-channel multi-directional surveillance cameras.

This enables accurate people, vehicle and object detection by filtering out irrelevant motion triggers and creating fewer false alarms. The results are more effective forensic searches and efficient use of recording bandwidth.

New multi-directional camera upgrades include 4K resolution per channel, an enhanced vandal-resistant design and PTRZ on the five-channel model as well as 40x 2MP PTZ, independent IR per channel and AI-based video compression for bandwidth and noise reduction.

SightMind Business Insight Software

According to Hanwha, SightMind software enables surveillance professionals to make data-driven decisions that can drive the success of their operations.

The software uses Hanwha cameras and AI analytics to visualize and monitor market trends and events in real time.

Optimized for various customers environments – such as retail, manufacturing and cities – but applicable to any market, the software harnesses data generated by the analytics in Hanwha cameras, processing the metadata and presenting it with customizable widgets and charts in a visualized dashboard.

Head to booth #3123 to find out more about these surveillance solutions.

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