Health issues impact up to 50% of surveillance cameras each year

Surveillance camera - health issues

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According to Ai-RGUS, an estimated 50% of surveillance cameras will have a view problem over the course of a year.

The company says that the issue will either impact the clarity of the image, a change in the field of view of the surveillance camera to look in the wrong direction or an obstruction to the video that is being recorded.

Ai-RGUS says that this is why it is important to regularly monitor the health of surveillance cameras, but this task can be impossible for a person to manage alone.

With many camera installations numbering in the hundreds, thousands or more, the job can be tedious and take hours each day for a person to accomplish.

The benefit of AI

The company highlights that using artificial intelligence (AI) to regularly monitor camera health creates huge gains in this highly manual inspection process where security staff physically inspect each camera to ensure that the camera’s field of view is not askew, the lens is not dirty or blurred and that the camera has enough storage capacity to capture these potential incidents.

Using new AI-powered software, this process can now be automated to immediately detect any potential surveillance camera issues without a physical inspection of the camera and alert security staff to correct the problem.

“In the same way that you would not consider stepping into a car without airbags, deploying a camera system without reasonable measures of protection that the devices will function when you need them should be a thing of the past,” said Dr Daniel Reichman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist of Ai-RGUS

“Automating the camera inspection process saves operator time and provides peace of mind to the camera system owner because they can be sure the task is completed each day and that they have complete visibility into the status of the camera system they depend on.”

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