Davivienda selects HID Mobile Access to enhance efficiency

HID Mobile Access

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Multinational financial institution, Davivienda, has implemented HID Mobile Access credential technology, along with physical iCLASS Seos cards and the HID Origo credential management platform to upgrade its access control system in Colombia.  

HID Singo 20 and iCLASS SE R10 readers were chosen to secure doors, gates and networks, with credentials stored on mobile devices.  

The change means employees can access different bank spaces by using a short-range gesture (tap) or “Twist & Go” gesture, minimizing the risk of credential loss, as people are less likely to lend or misplace their smartphone.  

Through this transition, Davivienda has virtually issued more than 10,000 mobile credentials for permanent staff and about 1,500 physical iCLASS Seos cards for resident contractors.  

Behind the change to HID Mobile Access

The reason behind the upgrade is a result of banks in Colombia facing several technological challenges related to employee access in multiple offices and areas.  

Obsolescence of the previous access control system and limited infrastructure raised concerns about the bank’s overall security and operability, leading to the previous technology being discontinued. 

Furthermore, multiple access technologies for different administrative locations led to incompatibilities and complexities in administration, forcing employees to carry several physical credentials for different areas in the company.  

Production and issuance of physical cards also presented challenges, including the environmental and financial impact of using plastics, ribbons and ink.  


As a result, the new access control solution has been deployed in 62 administrative areas across 16 different building locations in Colombian cities such as Bogota, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Bucaramanga and Pasto.  

HID reports that a more modern access control system strengthened Davivienda’s protection of its physical spaces, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas, minimizing risk of lost or stolen badges.  

Other benefits include the employee ID process becoming considerably faster, reducing production time from ten days to five minutes.  

Upon incorporation, employees are granted access to the necessary workspaces, contributing to a more dynamic and efficient workspace, the report says.  

By eliminating multiple physical cards and unifying technologies across different administrative towers, the complexity of access management was reduced, enhancing internal mobility.

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