HID and RISI Technologies collaborate on mobile access technology

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RISI Technologies, a process automation solution provider founded in Mexico, has partnered with HID Global to create a cloud-based mobile access control solution.

According to HID, its software development kit (SDK) for mobile access identity applications enables partner companies to develop customized solutions for their clients.

“We have created and are in the process of certifying a middleware (Secure Access Digital Manager)
capable of connecting to all of HID’s mobile identification services,” said Luis Manuel Tirado Díaz, CEO of RISI Technologies.

“It includes a user interface that allows integrators or end customers to expedite connections with the manufacturer.”


HID highlights that the new development involves consolidating its functions, about 40 services in various micro-journeys, through the middleware.

These micro-journeys individually manage HID’s services. For instance, creating a mobile identification for a user requires the consumption of five Origo services: authentication, user creation, invitation creation, invitation sending and credential redemption.

The middleware’s management layer exposes a single service called ‘Create User’ that invokes the five services required by HID to create a digital credential.

This enables integrators or end customers to accelerate implementations up to three times faster, depending on their development team’s capabilities.

“The end users connect through our application, simplifying the process,” added Díaz.

“The integration evaluation time, which typically takes around four to eight weeks, is reduced to approximately two weeks — the time it usually takes the client to implement our services.

“We have experience in automation systems; there are already platforms that allow you to connect to services without the need for coding.

“We don’t use a programming language; we use a tool that enables us to dynamically connect APIs, manage them and handle them without requiring an excessively large programming team.”

Beyond mobile access

According to HID, typically, companies specializing in providing access control services have a clear understanding of the functionality that a system should offer.

However, there is a broad range of variables and functionalities beyond access control itself that often go untapped.

“It is highly valuable for us to be able to form partnerships with innovative companies like RISI, whose focus is on simplifying our technology through automated processes to create solutions that go beyond access control,” noted Alejandro Espinosa, Sales Director of Access Control at HID for Mexico.

Currently, companies are working on implementing this mobile access technology at one of the largest universities in Mexico to integrate a system aimed at monitoring and managing the activities of students and staff.

This system aims to enable access to facilities, use library services, enter the gym and access sports areas with a single mobile identification.

Furthermore, they plan to extend it to loyalty programs based on the digital identity of students and staff.

“At the moment, our focus is on mobile access, but this same solution will integrate HID’s cloud alternatives such as Aero, Identity Positioning and FARGO Connect,” said Díaz.

“We will bring them into a middleware that can diversify the portfolio of cloud services in a simpler way for the end user.”

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