Shooter Detection Systems unveils campaign to improve safety 

Gun in belt - shooter detection

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Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) has announced it will introduce a campaign to empower individuals to make their schools, workplaces and communities safer by employing lifesaving gunshot detection technology.

A new initiative

The company says that in an active shooter situation, gunshot and shooter detection is highly effective at mitigating injury and loss of life but is often overlooked by federal funding sources that traditionally support a wide range of preventative gun violence measures.

The #TakeAction initiative aims to educate individuals about gunshot detection’s crucial role in maintaining safe and secure spaces, as well as provide specific tools for consumers to advocate for gunshot detection to their school, government, and workplace leaders. 

“An average of one death can occur every ten seconds during an active shooter event,” said Stephen Carney, President, SDS.

“So when a shooting starts, reducing the time it takes for authorities to get to the shooter is the most vital dimension.

“With gunshot detection technology, responders can know immediately that a gun has been fired and in what area of the building the shot occurred.”

Shooter Detection Systems says that the campaign is also designed to provide people with the resources to personally lobby their place of business or child’s school to deploy gunshot detection technology to create a safer environment that can quickly alert law enforcement in the event of an active shooter incident.

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