Interface Systems moves headquarters to St Louis, MO

Interface Systems

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Service providor of business security, Interface Systems, has moved its corporate headquarters to a new location in St Louis, MO.

Located at 1844 Lackland Hill Parkway in St. Louis, the new 22000-square-foot facility features a iSOC (interactive security operation center) to help manage the 24/7 security monitoring operations.

The company reports that the headquarters includes open work areas that employees can pick and choose on the days when they work in the office, several talk rooms for informal meetings and a layout designed for collaboration.

A hub of collaboration for Interface Systems

“As Interface Systems continues to expand, we envision our new headquarters not just as a physical space but as a dynamic hub of innovation and collaboration,” said Brent Duncan, CEO, Interface Systems.

“Our move to these new headquarters marks a milestone in our journey towards fostering a flexible, inclusive work environment where talent thrives and ideas flourish.

“With our state-of-the-art iSOC and versatile workspace design, we are not just redefining how we work; we are shaping the future of managed services for multi-location businesses across the nation.”

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