The Last Word With… Dan Rothrock, Zenitel Americas

Dan Rothrock - Zenitel Americas

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Dan Rothrock, President, Zenitel Americas speaks to SJA about the crucial role audio plays in a security infrastructure.

Can you tell me about yourself?

I have been with Zenitel for 33 years and I have held ten different roles within the company.

As President of Zenitel for the Americas, my goal is to look after the organization and our people as well as grow the brand.

I am also a part of the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) Audio & Intelligent Communications Working Group.

We recently released a whitepaper on audio and intelligent communications applications for security, which is a great educational resource.

What is Zenitel’s vision?

We started with a vision of making sure that audio is included in every security system and package.

For a long time, access control has been considered the lead piece because it’s a database that holds all the information on who enters and leaves a property.

Surveillance is another core pillar of security and with remote video capabilities, it means that you can see what’s happening at a specific location from anywhere in the world.

However, audio is a key component that is often overlooked.

Think of access control as the arms of a network and video as the eyes – audio is the voice and the ears.

Our goal is to allow people to hear, be heard and be understood in virtually any environment.

What new product releases have you had recently?

We recently announced our new VR3G-1 and VR3G-1P vandal-resistant intercoms.

These solutions have several high-tech features that make them suitable for use in any environment.

These new IP devices allow a user to test the microphone and speaker remotely, so you don’t have to send a technician out to assess if the station is functioning properly.

There is also the capability for a tamper-resistant switch, so if somebody tries to remove the station, it can shut down and alert you to proactively respond.

Do you have any recent success stories?

There is a large software company that is using their third generation of our product, which exemplifies our ability to provide a migration path for our customers.  

A leading Federal bank is currently doing a complete retrofit of all their locations, going from analog to digital and completely investing into the IP world.

We at Zenitel are supplying them with advanced IP solutions and software enhancements.

What are Zenitel’s plans for expansion in the next few years?

Geographically, we’re growing; we have seen significant development in the continental US, but our growth in Canada has also been very strong, with new rep firms and employees.

Mexico is also exploding with new partners and opportunities and the addition of a Center of Excellence for the Caribbean.

In South America, our organization is poised for tremendous growth, particularly in the transportation market.

Moving into 2024, I see another record year for us. I see the company continuing to expand and take on new employees to help us fulfill our global vision.

This article was originally published in the October edition of Security Journal Americas. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.

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