SJA Exclusive: Security in the Americas – Argentina

Buenos Aires - Argentina ASIS chapter

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In the second installment of our new series, Matthew Porcelli, CPP speaks with Alejandro Liberman from the ASIS International – Argentina Chapter.

What are the most pressing security challenges you are facing in your region?

I believe Latin America is going through a series of changes that convey and reflect a very complex moment in time. The combination of political instability, inflation and economic hardship, combined with poverty and exclusion of a significant part of society, have increased the influence and presence of organized crime in the region. This, combined with the presence of corruption in most countries’ governments leads to further complexities that security professionals face regularly.

Can you describe your journey in the world of security?

I first got involved in security as a volunteer for Jewish community security in Buenos Aires Argentina (the fifth largest Jewish community in the world by country outside Israel and after the US, UK, France and Canada), after a terrorist attack at the main community building in 1994. After that, I started my professional career as an auditor and trainer for the Central Security Office for the Jewish community.

Later on, I moved on to the private market as a Security Consultant for a while, only to come back as the Security Executive Director for the Jewish community of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I subsequently came back to the private market as a Security Consultant/Security Deputy Chief for a commercial banking company. In 2022, I accepted a position as Director of Asset Protection at a telecommunications and entertainment company, Vrio (DirecTV Latin America, D Go, SKY, Torneos).

Tell us about your journey within ASIS and how it has helped you in your career?

After several years in Jewish community security, I realized my experience did not match my resume and that my technical knowledge had gaps. I searched for standards and a bibliography to support and back my advising practice, which is when I found ASIS International’s Standards and Guidelines and reached out to my local chapter (ASIS 215, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Region 8C).

First, I joined as a member, then looked to certify myself as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and after that, as a volunteer. Over the next few years, I served in numerous volunteer roles, including Chair (in 2020 and 2021) and on the Community Steering Communities (for Cultural Properties and Extremism and Political Instability, or EPIC). I believe ASIS International made me a stronger professional and helped me in practical ways. Also, the networking and business opportunities provided by ASIS International are unmatched.

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