South Carolina school district deploys CENTEGIX CrisisAlert

School classroom - South Carolina schools deploy CENTEGIX

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Richland School District Two of Columbia, South Carolina, has chosen the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert solution to install in their schools

Richland Two includes 40 schools and centers – 20 elementary schools, seven middle schools, five high schools, four magnet centers, one child development program and one alternative school – serving over 28,500 students and over 3,800 teachers and staff.

CrisisAlert enables staff to call for help in emergencies, from the everyday to the extreme. The CENTEGIX platform delivers precise alert location, immediate audio and visual incident notifications (including lighted strobes, screen messages and intercom integration) for campus-wide incidents as well as 100% full-campus coverage. With the push of a button on a wearable badge, an alert instantly reaches administrators and responders.

“The safety of our students, employees and visitors is our number one priority,” said Richland Two Interim Superintendent Nancy Gregory. “This innovative solution will help staff members and school teams to improve response to emergencies big and small and will further empower them to become more active partners in keeping our schools, centers and offices safe places to teach, learn and work.” 

“As our first school district in South Carolina, we know that you’ll be looked upon as leaders in staff and student safety, going above and beyond what’s being done elsewhere in the state. We appreciate your desire to implement a system that will not only be there for the rare and extreme emergencies but that helps your educators and staff in everyday events,” said CENTEGIX CEO, Brent Cobb.

“We’ve grown a lot nationally, but we’re especially looking forward to expanding our efforts into South Carolina and protecting even more students and staff. We want to be a pillar of safety for South Carolina communities everywhere.” 

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