New Vicon client delivers enhanced resource management for desktops

Person at computer - new Vicon product on desktop

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Vicon Industries, Inc., a subsidiary of Cemtrex Inc. and a designer and manufacturer of video surveillance and access control products, has announced the launch of its new Valerus VMS Desktop Client.

A unified platform

Vicon says that its unified platform for controlling video, access control and license plate recognition (LPR) is now available as a desktop application. According to the company, this new client offers customers better resource management and enhanced performance because it leverages the perfect balance between CPU and GPU usage for more streams, especially at higher resolutions and frame rates.

“In keeping with Vicon’s commitment to innovation, the Valerus VMS continues to offer more sophisticated capabilities,” said Louie Rabenold, Vicon’s Director of VMS Products.

“And while the thin client experience works for many, browser-based video does not have direct access to the system resources that will optimize the experience for those more robust operations. This new client takes advantage of full system resources, so users can execute those demanding workflows that require more processing power.”

Enhanced features

Vicon highlights that users will benefit from rapid response times — up to 50% faster in some cases. Less than two seconds to log-in, instantaneous video display and search results and more responsive digital zoom are among the advantages of having Valerus installed on the client machine.

For customers who are looking at live video on a constant basis, the ability to see many streams of smooth video simultaneously is critical. The company says that the live video experience now includes more simultaneous feeds per client, more cameras per screen, improved H.265 handling and markedly smooth video.

Finally, Vicon says that the desktop client’s enhanced UI renders a refreshed, updated look and feel with no “re-learning” required.


“Many of our existing customers deploy Valerus in command centers with many monitors — with a multitude of high-resolution streams — which requires increasingly higher performance, so this new desktop client will offer the ideal solution,” said Bret McGowan, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“This new client takes advantage of full system resources, so customers can execute those demanding workflows that require more processing power. Plus, they’ll enjoy an enhanced viewing experience.”

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