CLEAR launches new lanes at Bradley International Airport

Airplane wing in the sky - new biometric identification lanes from CLEAR at Bradley International Airport

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CLEAR has announced the launch of its biometric identity verification technology at Bradley International Airport (BDL), Connecticut.

“At Bradley International Airport, we are always looking for innovative approaches to the traveler journey,” saidĀ Kevin Dillon, Executive Director of the Connecticut Airport Authority. “With our focus on modernizing the whole travel experience, while maintaining the integrity of safety and security protocols, we are thrilled to introduce CLEAR‘s biometric technology to our traveler base. The addition of this technology now offers another convenient, time-saving travel option in our growing menu of services and amenities.”

Biometric identification

According to the company, members can use its network of dedicated lanes to verify their identity with their eyes or fingers, replacing the need to take out their wallet and driver’s license. After verification, a CLEAR Ambassador escorts members through the dedicated lane and directly to TSA physical security, saving them time waiting in line at the security checkpoint. The launch at BDL is expected to create 23 jobs and generate approximately $1.2 million in local economic activity every year.

“CLEAR has officially landed in Connecticut and we’re excited to partner with BDL to make air travel easier, faster and more secure for Connecticut travelers,” saidĀ CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker.

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