Evolv selected to improve security at Georgia mattress factory

Mattress being made in factory - Evolv Express used by Purple Innovation

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Evolv Technology, a provider of AI-based weapons detection security screening, has announced its partnership with Purple Innovation, a mattress company with factories in Georgia and Utah.

According to the company, Purple is using its Evolv Express screening solution at its factory in Georgia, with plans to bring the technology to its facilities in Utah soon.

The solution

Evolv Express uses sensor technology with AI to provide accurate threat detection at high volume and speed. The company says that for Purple, this means employees can be safer at work without a time-consuming entry process during a shift change that can involve a few hundred people coming in at the same time.

In a manufacturing workplace, many items are needed for production that might be considered weapons in other work environments. The company says its AI learns which items are appropriate for Purple’s workplace that might set off an alarm somewhere else. 

“This is Purple going above and beyond to keep employees safe,” said Heather Beasley, Purple’s Security Manager. “If just the presence of Express prevents people from bringing in weapons, that’s what we want. People should be able to focus on their job while they’re here and this allows them to have a sense of security while they’re working.”

Safety first

“Evolv is proud to partner with an organization like Purple that puts employee safety first,” said Peter George, CEO of Evolv Technology. “We aim to create a safer world for people to live, work, learn and play and we can help only do that if we have organizations like Purple using Evolv in their environments.”

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