Evolv security screening deployed at three US-based sports venues

Minute Maid Park - one of the venues with the Evolv Express screening

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Evolv Technology has revealed that three venue locations across the US have selected its weapons detection screening solution to improve safety and fan experience.

The three locations that have chosen to use the Evolv Express screening technology are the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, the Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and the Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Evolv Express uses sensor technology with AI to provide safe, accurate threat detection at unprecedented volume and speed. It quickly distinguishes between threats and everyday items, so people do not need to always empty pockets and bags.

Wells Fargo Center

According to the company, the Wells Fargo Center will feature the screening solution for games as well as concerts and other touring events, allowing fans to pass through security in an easier and more welcoming manner.

“Everything we’ve heard from our peers partnering with Evolv has been positive, from how easy it is to use to how pleased fans are with the experience,” said Valerie Camillo, President and CEO of Spectacor Sports and Entertainment. “When the National Hockey League gave us the go-ahead to find a better way of screening as many as 20,000 fans per game, the choice for us was clearly Evolv.” 

The Wells Fargo security team says that early returns have been positive, with the solution setting off fewer alarms than security officials experienced with traditional magnetometers.

“Evolv is thrilled to partner with Wells Fargo Center to help keep Flyers fans safer while making sure they can get into the arena more quickly and in a better, easier manner,” said John Baier, Evolv’s Vice President of Sports. “With Evolv, fans can enter without the anxiety of being late, accidentally setting off alarms or the stress of missing valuable playing time on the ice.” 

Citizens Bank Park

At the Citizens Bank Park, home of the defending National League champion Philadelphia Phillies, the Evolv Express screening solution has been installed.

“Philadelphia fans are so passionate about their teams – we want that energy in the ballpark, not lined up outside,” said Sal DeAngelis, Vice President of Operations and Security for the Phillies. “Evolv helps to get everyone in quickly and safely and from a security standpoint they are great to work with and help us do our job better.” 

“This is an exciting time for Evolv to partner with the Phillies,” said Baier. “Fans saw their team go to the World Series last year and they look to continue that momentum on and off the field from the moment they arrive. With Evolv’s technology in the fold for 2023, fans can expect that same winning experience at the entrances as they get to the ballpark to see their Phillies play.” 

Minute Maid Park

The 2022 World Champion Houston Astros, based at Minute Maid Park, are now utilizing the screening solution.

“Evolv aligns perfectly with our recent efforts to use technology to improve the fan experience at Minute Maid Park,” said Marcel Braithwaite, Senior Vice President of Business Operations for the Astros. “The fact that it streamlines entry without sacrificing security makes it the ideal solution for us.” 

“It’s exciting for Evolv to be a part of the innovative solutions the Astros are bringing to Minute Maid Park,” said Baier. “To see a team that just won the World Series continue to work to make things even better for fans is amazing. Evolv is thrilled to be a part of that drive to be the best.” 

SJA insight

With three additions to the list of locations that the Evolv Express screening solution has been deployed in, fans of sports and entertainment are increasingly able to enter stadiums and venues with a seamless experience.

As most fans will be able to make their way directly into the arena without having to stop at security, screening solutions can help operations to not only accurately identify threats but also improve wait times and false alarms.

Particularly for large crowds, security can be difficult to manage, so being able to quickly filter out bad actors can be a proactive and preventative measure that ensures safety.

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