Milestone introduces cloud-based access control integration with Genea

Cloud-based access control from Genea and Milestone Systems

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Milestone Systems, a provider of open platform video management technologies, has announced Genea’s integration with two of its solutions.

Genea has successfully integrated Milestone XProtect video management and Milestone Kite cloud native video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) with its cloud-based access control to provide users with a centralized security solution in a single pane of glass.

Cloud-based access control

The companies say that with these integrations, IT and security personnel can easily connect and view their facility’s surveillance video alongside the corresponding access event, such as a door held open or door forced open.

By integrating Genea access control with video management systems (VMS) like Milestone XProtect and with VSaaS like Milestone Kite, users can quickly and efficiently respond to unauthorized access attempts and other emergency situations.

“As leaders in our respective fields, we saw a mutual opportunity to combine our strengths and deliver an unprecedented open platform security solution,” said Tim Palmquist, Vice President, Americas, Milestone Systems.

“The fusion of Genea’s cloud-based access control and our XProtect and Kite video technologies truly amplifies security options and capabilities for our customers.”

The Genea bi-directional integration with Milestone XProtect offers functionalities such as automated responses to alarms and remote door operations, including lock, unlock and quick grant access can be performed from the Milestone Smart Client to Genea hardware.

The integration also pulls lists of active users from Genea into the Milestone application, facilitating efficient user profile management.

“We are thrilled to have these integrations with Milestone,” said Mike Maxsenti, General Manager of Access Control at Genea.

“We firmly believe that cloud-based integrations like this will help our current and future customers not only improve their security but give them the flexibility and scalability they need over the long run.”

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