NMC introduces new business intelligence and account management application

New business intelligence application

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The National Monitoring Center (NMC), a provider of third-party and proactive monitoring services, has introduced Nexus, a business intelligence and account management web application that enables NMC dealers to manage their accounts, access critical data, reduce liability and improve operational efficiencies.

According to the company, Nexus is a centralized hub where dealers can manage their account information, access alarm data in real-time and view business intelligence reports in one application at any time and from anywhere.

“It’s imperative to put our dealers at the center of digital transformation efforts, starting with optimizing their digital experiences with us,” said Todd Shuff, Vice President of Operations, NMC. “With modern, flexible technology to engage our dealers in the channels they prefer, we can assist them in identifying the most impactful areas to the customer experience. Nexus is part of our focus on optimizing common services like reporting, troubleshooting and account management, which are now easier to complete. We look forward to continuously improving this experience to make it easier for our dealers to achieve simplicity that supports client success.”

As well as the Nexus launch, the NMC Training Academy has announced a centralized portal to educate dealers and their teams on using Nexus and other NMC tools. This training option features videos and gamified features help dealers and their teams learn about the business intelligence application.

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