New video decoder introduced by 3xLOGIC

Video decoder from 3xLOGIC

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The new VH-DECODER-4K has been launched by 3xLOGIC, which the company says is ideal for setting up public view or spot monitors, offering cost-effective configuration by connecting directly to a camera network using minimal cabling.

3xLOGIC highlights that the new video decoder is designed for use in organizations of all sizes and within many sectors such as retail, leisure and hospitality, education and commercial premises.

Video decoder

“The VH-DECODER-4K converts digital data received from IP networks into video signals for display on a monitor,” explained Mike Poe, Director, Product Management at 3xLOGIC.

“It decompresses the video data using the same standards as the encoder and restores the original quality and resolution of the video. 

“This capability is indispensable for users that need to monitor and review live camera footage and becomes particularly important when compatibility with legacy equipment is a key requirement.”

3xLOGIC says that ease of installation and use is built into every part of the compact VH-DECODER-4K’s design and build.

The video decoder just needs to be connected to a camera network with a short video cable run to a monitor.

By using 3xLOGIC’s Decoder Setup Utility’s set-up guide and camera finder, it can display video within minutes and work independently of, or in conjunction with, a VIGIL Server, showing up to 16 cameras on a single monitor through various simultaneous connections including BNC, VGA or HDMI.

More features

The company highlights that the VH-DECODER-4K handles both 4K and 1080p IP video decoding, supporting up to 8MP resolution.

Advanced configuration through an internet-based interface allows for two-way audio, alarm I/O and serial communication.

Furthermore, with VIGIL Server 9.0 and beyond, analog cameras can be integrated with the video decoder, alongside ONVIF compliant IP cameras.

“At 3xLOGIC we believe that all organizations should have access to state-of-the-art security technology that helps them protect people, property and assets,” concluded Poe.

“With streamlined installation and operation, the VH-DECODER-4K is a game changer when it comes to video decoding.

“Whether you need 4K clarity or simultaneous 1080p channels, it offers a quick and simple way to configure a public view monitor or spot monitor, providing the flexibility required to cater for varied end user business needs.”

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